The Redbeard Pirates are a small group of pirates led by Alvilda O. Reis. The current crew consists of 5 individuals, including Reis. This crew's strength in unknown to other pirates, but they are renown enough to cause even the World Nobles to fear them, more specifically, Reis in particular. They are given no specific title other then the one(s) they already have. Instead, they given very high bounties.


The Redbeard Pirate's crew is rather fixed membership, not accepting new recruits, and not allowing those that are part of it to quit. The crew itself is skilled and talented enough to take on two jobs and still keep things in perfect order. They all operate on the same ship, known as "The Speaker". A ship designed to sail on both water and sand. It's ability to sail on sand comes from it's first design built in "Arabasta". Despite being called the Redbeard pirates, each of it's crew, including their captain, do not consider themselves to be actual Pirates and claim to fight for a greater cause. They are all referred to, by the World Government, with their first name First, and their last name Last, without mentioning their Initial. To Pirates, they are referred to as Normal. Reis is the only member of this crew that was born in the Grand Line.

Captain: Alvilda O. Reis (Also known as; Reis Alvilda and/or Redbeard Jr. or simply just Redbeard)

First-Mate/Shipwright: Blaine B. Lyle (Also known as; Lyle Blaine)

Navigator/Scout: Quinn C. Deigo (Also known as; Deigo Quinn)

Medic/Musician: Marsail S. Deb (Also known as; Deb Marsail)

Chef/Technician: Drake B. Asher (Also known as; Asher Drake)

Devil Fruits

Alvilda O. Reis - "Kaze Kaze no Mi" <Wind Wind Fruit> (Logia)

Allows user to control, create and become Wind.

Blaine B. Lyle - "Puranto Puranto no Mi" <Plant Plant Fruit> (Paramecia)

Allows user to create and control Plants.

Quinn C. Deigo - "Yuugou Yuugou no Mi, Model: Manticore" <Fusion Fusion Fruit, Model: Manticore> (Zoan)

An expermental Devil Fruit that combines the attributes of 1 or more animals. Allows user to become a Lion with Bat wings and a Scorpion tail. Lion form increases strength, Bat Wings form increase speed, and Scorpion Tail form increases precision and makes user venomous.

Marsail S. Deb - "Kagakuhin Kagakuhin no Mi" <Chemicals Chemicals Fruit> (Paramecia)

Allows user to create Chemicals within their body. The user can form their fingers into syringes so as it inject them into someone. They can be helpful or poisonous. Grants the user natural immunity to abnormalities caused by poisons.

Drake B. Asher - "Netsuryou Netsuryou no Mi" <Temperature Temperature Fruit> (Paramecia)

Allows the user to alter the temperatures of anything or anyone they touch. Natural immunity to most Fire and Ice attacks.

Prototype, Not confirmed


Alvilda O. Reis = Bsymbol10400,000,000

Blaine B. Lyle = Bsymbol10220,000,000

Quinn C. Deigo = Bsymbol10230,000,000

Marsail S. Deb = Bsymbol10120,000,000

Drake B. Asher = Bsymbol10190,000,000

Total Bounty = Bsymbol101,160,000,000


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