Red Fang Pirates
Japanese Name: 赤い牙海賊団
Romanized Name: Akai Kiba Kaizokudan
English Name: Red Fang Pirates
Main Ship: High Dragon Palace
First Appearance: New World Saga
Captain: Emperor Kiba
Total Bounty: Over 500,000,000

Character07 - Emperor

The Red Fang Pirates are the former Second Division of the Golden Lion Pirates armada. Their Captain is, the self titled, Emperor Kiba. Their ship is called the High Dragon Palace. They sail the skies of the New World looking to get revenge on Jayde D. La Coeur.

Jolly Roger

The Red Fang Pirates' jolly roger is a Rising Sun Flag with the Kanji symbol for "Fang" printed in the middle of the sun.



The High Dragon Palace is the air-ship of the Red Fang Pirates. As it was once apart of Shiki's armada, it used to levitate on it's own through Shiki's devil fruit ability, using propellers to control it's movements. But since Shiki's defeat it has had to be retro-fitted for self propelled air travel. The High Dragon Palace has a large hydrocane-powered engine that is able to lift the bulk of the ship. Hydrocane is a sugarcane like plant that only grows on a few sky islands in the white-white sea. In it's unrefined state hydrocane is a much more potent source of fuel for lighter-than-air travel, than extracted hydrogen-gas, but it produces as secondary gas that is damaging to the environment. Emperor Kiba doesn't care..

In terms of appearance, it is a very large ship with a palace and other smaller buildings built onto the main deck. It's has multiple propellers extending from the main body of the ship, and three large fins, two on the bottom and a third larger one at the back, for maneuvering. A thick dark gas can be seen billowing from the many exhaust pipes coming from below deck. It's figurehead is a giant golden dragon's head, it also has a large golden tail for a reverse-figurehead.

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