Raolo Gilliamo is the leader of the True Men Pirates, a pirate crew from the Grand Line. his current bounty is 350,000,000 beli.


Raolo is a rather tall, muscular man who is some thirty years old. He usually wears a black, armless top and big, red trousers. His legs are covered by white bandages. He has a rather rude face with a flat nose, but is not really ugly. Most of his head is covered by a strange red helmet out of which an antenna sticks for no actual reason. He seemingly has black hair of which only the beard is seen, that covers a part of Gilliamo's chin. He also wears black sunglasses similar to Frankie's most of the time.


Raolo Gilliamo has a rather unkind personality. He doesn't become friends with a person he doesn't know and he also never talks to anyone he doesn't care for. On the other hand, he is in fact a good man. He would never hurt an innocent person and has mercy with a foe he doesn't really hate. he fights with dedication to protect his friends and would never sacrifice one of them.

Powers and Abilities

Raolo wields a big, heavy sword similar to a kukri blade, which he calls "Heavy Metal". He uses the immense weight of his weapon to crush his opponents with sheer force, but also relies a lot on tactic and trickery. His sword is made of kairoseki, thus being able to hurt Devil fruit Users without problems.

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