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Rai Senkou
Name Raiko (Rai as most people call him) Senkou
Profession  unemployed, looking for a crew, Ex Bounty hunter
Epithet Rail gun Rai
Brithday October 14
Hometown Baterilla, South Blue
Spiecies Human
Gender male
Age 24
Zodiac Libra
Height  185 cm (6'1")
Crew Looking for one
Position Swordsman, Ex Bounty hunter
Devil Fruit  Kasoku kasoku no Mi
Fruit Power Manipulate the speed of objects and user's self
Bounty Bsymbol10799,999,999

A silver-haired man who wears an eyepatch. He was a skilled bounty hunter who wields two swords and has a cold attitudes but that was long ago.


A silver-haired man who wears an eyepatch with unique clothing a tee shirt thats brown with kind of a blue flame decoration on with a high collar up. He is mostly seen with a black cape on thats connected by a strap around his neck he wears four belts two smaller black ones and two darkish greeny brownish. He wears two gloves that the back of it reach his elbow its colours are black with a blue decoration on just like his boots.


Rai is an extremely skilled fighter and a very intense guy who has a low tolerance for idiocy. His tongue is as sharp as his blade, and he won't hesitate to let people know what he thinks—his favorite insult is "stupid ", which he liberally applies to anyone who annoys him. In general, Rai is pretty harsh and confrontational—he goes out of his way to bait and insult people, and tries to order people around when they first meet, something most people doesn't take kindly to. However, there is a second layer beneath Rai's bad behavior—his childhood is a tragedy of abuse and neglect, In fact, Rai also has a fairly rare weakness: the cat's tongue, which means he is very sensitive and can't eat hot food. For someone as proud as him, it's a disgrace to have that secret revealed.

Abilities and Powers

Kasoku kasoku no Mi



  • He has a strange habbit of wearing cats ears and a cats tail for some unknown reason
  • His name means Lightning Flash in japanese
  • His appearance is based from the game Lamento the character Rai (beware if you search 18+)

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