An RP idea by me. Feel free to join with your characters. It's a mix of Lost and One Piece.


Following the end of the Great War, a strange phenomena occured. A group of the World's greatest pirates vanished suddenly, without any clues left behind. Unknown to the rest of the world, these pirates and the occasional marine have ended up on a strange new ship. Now, they are forced to work toghether to discover why they are there, and the purpose behind this event.


  • No overpowering. All the pirates should be at least equal levels of strength.
  • Try to keep in character, especially when using someone else's OC.
  • If you want to enter a character, enter their name and position on the crew below. Their is no captain yet, so no grabbing it.
  • Have fun and respect other players.
  • You can roleplay on any of the locations provided below, provided you put a Heading 3 detailing the subject in front of it. You can add islands, but must have the consent of most of the crew.


  • Pounce D. Luk- Position- Chef; Devil Fruit- Raiko-Raiko no Mi.
  • Crowe Haven - Position - Pirate; Devil Fruit - Omo Omo no Mi -

The Red Pheonix (Deck)

The Red Pheonix (Living Quarters)

The Red Pheonix (Kitchen)

The Red Pheonix (Common Room)

Mast of the Red Pheonix

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