This is the top most depth of the Leviathan sailing vessel of the Tenryubito.


Roughly two or three hundred years ago the concept of a perfect sailing vessel was considered by the Celestial Dragons, who wanted to explore more than just the Sabaody Archipelogos but could not accept such horrible means of transportation as the common-day ship.

They drew up just enough information together to send it to the World Government with the orders to have it completed shortly, and just as swiftly if reluctantly a team of Marines gathered together with strange orders.

The shipwright Kin Eio-senn forged the ideas together and set to work on the first level, the Primodium Sky, which would later become changed to Primus Aether by the Tenryubito themselves. Kin layered the concepts and materials together with her ability and helped the thousand man crew oversee things progressed as the mail arrived with new orders for what was expected to be added almost weekly.

Specific locations


The great ocean Oumi is home to many rare sea creatures. Unfortunately most of them do not belong in the same environment, and many have had to be altered to adjust to the climate and sealevel differences. Their greatest prize is the Hurui Eldum member Hikikui.


The great mountain Olye is constructed out of the purest grains of silver and iron, lending it a terrifying weight in addition to it's stark beauty.

Near the very top is a small path few can follow with their eyes, hidden nearly from all sight above and below. This path leads to a small cavern and cabin where Pan Captain Akihiro Senn once lived, but he no longer has the time to return.


The first city spreading across Primus Aether's massive length.


The second city spreading across Primus Aether's massive length.

More coming soon.

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