Pounce D. Finglass is Captain of the 3rd Division ("Violet Fang") of the Marines, half-brother of Pounce D. Luk. He serves as a primary antagonist for the Violet Fang Arc of Pirates of the Red Robin. He is left heavily injured, and his current fate is unknown.


Finglass has a similar hair color to his half-brother, but it is longer and in a different style. He also wears a black jacket, with the insignia of the marines on his black innershirt. He almost always appears to be wearing a half-scowl.

Powers and Techniques

Finglass has eaten the Chakra-Chakra no Mi, a Paramecia Devil Fruit that gives him the ability to generate and control large constructs of energy.


  • His first name comes from Nevery Finglass, a character in The Magic Theif series.
  • He is the only major antagonist who has not died, because of Luk still loving his brother, no matter what he has done to him or his new family.

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