The Pisuton Pisuton no Mi (Piston Piston Fruit in English) is a Paramecia type devil fruit that allows the user to turn any part of their body into an incredibly powerful piston, thus making them a piston human. It was eaten by Lucent "Piston" Parks.


The Pisuton Pisuton no Mi is a very light blue, ovaloid (3 dimensional oval) shaped fruit, roughly nine inches wide, with a diameter of four inches, with a five inch long stem from the longer side of it which forms a square swirl on the end. The whole fruit's skin is covered in swirls, and the inside of it is purple.


Piston Parks is able to deal incredibly hard hits by turning his forearms or entire arms into pistons, and even harder kicks by turning his legs into pistons. He is also able to boost himself off the ground by turning his legs into pistons and pushing himself off of it, launching him into the air, using a similar if not the same technique, he is able to launch things that he is holding into the air like a cann. Piston Parks is also able to use the metal surface of his arms when turned to pistons to block attacks and stop bullets.

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