Pirates De L'air
Japanese Name: 空気のパイレーツ
Romanized Name: Paireetsu no Kuuki no
English Name: Pirates of the Air
Main Ship: Lily of Sha'ron
First Appearance: New World Saga
Captain: Jayde D. La Coeur, current; Trapper John, former.
Total Bounty: TBD

The Pirates De L'air are sky pirates based above the New World, captained by Jayde D. La Coeur on their ship the Lily of Sha'ron. Former 7th Division of Shiki the Golden Lion's Pirate Armada, they deserted after, former captain, Trapper John's failed assassination attempt on Shiki's life after discovering Shiki's plan to destroy the East Blue, John's native sea. They were chased to the New World by Skihi's 2nd Division the Red Fang Pirates. After an epic battle 20,000 meters above sea level, where Trapper John was delivered a fatal blow, they crash landed on the floating sky-islands of St. Peters Archipelago. After time spent re-building and recovering, they retro-fitted their airship with lighter-than-air technology, and now spend their days sailing the skies of the New World trying to gain redemption for all the terrible things they did under the name Golden Lion Pirates.

Pirates De L'air is French, and literally translates to "Pirates of the Air".

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