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Protected Territories

Protected Territories
Tsubasa Island
Tsubasa Island
Protected Territories
Fishman Island Green Bit Punk Hazard Dressrosa
Fishman Island Green Bit Punk Hazard Dressrosa
Protected Territories
Skypiea Yukiryu Karakuri Island Rusukaina Infobox
Skypiea Yukiryu Island Karakuri Island Rusukaina
  • Tsubasa Island: Island where Ryuu was born and their children live and were created. He protects the island due to being where he himself lives although only your friends know to the island won't be attacked by the Navy. There also lives his brothers and commanders of the divisions of the Pegasus Wings Pirates meet.
  • Fishman Island: First island that Pegasus Wings Pirates offered protection after the death of Big Mom. To afford protection Fishmens joined his crew.
  • Green Bit: The Pegasus Wings Pirates offered protection to the inhabitants of Green Bit because the relationship that Ryuu had with them during their adventures with Straw Hat.
  • Punk Hazard: The Pegasus Wings Pirates took command Punk Hazard to prevent outravez were used to produce the Artificial Devil Fruits.
  • Dressrosa: The Pegasus Wings Pirates took control of the island Dressrosa to keep the peace of the inhabitants after the death of Doflamingo. As payment protection the inhabitants of Dressrosa give food to all divisions crew.
  • Skypiea: The legendary sky island where Pegasus Wings Pirates were tor for Enel Devil Fruit during travel abroad will he decided to give protection to the island making them for anyone like enel turns terrorizing people.
  • Yukiryu Island: Island that was protected by Shanks, Ryuu discovered and decided to make her his base where the Pegasus Wings Pirates now meet.
  • Karakuri Island: An uncharted island where Franky trained during the two-year timeskip. The Pegasus Wings Pirates made a deal with the inhabitants of the island so that the cyborgs and help them fix Vegapunk ships whenever he came from a war.
  • Rusukaina: Island where Luffy trained for 2 years near Amazon Lily Ryuu took control for main divisions commanders to train.

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