Division Commander Rankings

This is a list of commanders Pegasus Wings Pirates in order of rank. The members of each division are former members of the prison Impel Down being members of the commanders level 6. Each division contains about 1,000 pirates level 5 former members of the Impel Down. The Pegasus Wings Pirates have join to his crew division commander the former Whitebeard Pirates Allies. After the death of the yonko Big Mom the Pegasus wings Pirates have take the command of the Fishman Island protecting him and as payment for protection they would join up his crew. After that the Pegasusu Wings Pirates Divisions have grew from 1,000 in each division to 100,000 and 150,000 in the main divisions.

Fleet Commander
Ryuu Tsubasa
Division Commanders 1-7
1st 300px-Sasuke Shippuden 2nd Jack Hawa 3rd Older Jackal 4rd Baster Alex 5th Kain Taion 6th Dex Mainer 7th Foster Tailer
Kid.D Jack Hawa Jackal A. Grieve‎‎ Baster Alex Kain Taion Dex Mainer Foster Tailer
Division Commanders 8-14
8th Jaike Tolde 9th Annie Pain 10th Karin Gail 11th Eustass Kid 12th Scratchmen Apoo 13th Doma Anime Infobox 14th McGuy Anime Infobox
Jaike Tolde Annie Pain Karin Gail Eustass Kid Scratchmen Apoo Doma McGuy
Division Commanders 15-21
15th Decalvan Brothers Anime Infobox 16th Squard Anime Infobox 17th Little Oars Jr. Anime Infobox 18th Whitey Bay Anime Infobox 19th Elmy Anime Infobox 20th Ramba Anime Infobox 21st A.O Anime Infobox
Decalvan Brothers Squard Little Oars Jr. Whitey Bay Elmy Ramba A.O
Division Commanders 22-28
22nd Delacuaji Anime Infobox 23rd Bizarre Anime Infobox 24th Islewan Anime Infobox 25th Epoida Anime Infobox 26th Blondie Anime Infobox 27th Karma Anime Infobox 28th Amadob Anime Infobox
Delacuaji Bizarre Islewan Epoida Blondie Karma Amadob
Division Commanders 29-35
29th Aotabou 13234 30th Kurotabou2 31st 94358 32nd 94360 33rd 144435 34th 180px-JamisFace 35th 1351998046 8867 full
Kai Argate Karin Aira Aratashi Furotoshi Kaguro Saiya Gairo Taler
Division Commanders 36-42
36th 143821 37th Mari 38th Vania 39th Aizo Yorui 40th Aira 41st Kai 42nd Xavier Yari
Mari Vania Aizo Yorui Aira Kai Xavier Yari Ben Gunman
Division Commanders 43-49
43rd Ben Gunman 44th Aria 45th Inoe Haiga 46th Backster 47th Livi 48th Ana Haige 49th Aimen Fost
Aria Inoe Haiga Backster Livi Ana Haige Aimen Fost Annie
Division Commanders 50-56
50th Annie 51st Jaike Oito 52nd Ouji 53rd Rape 54th King 55th Aisa 56th Igia
Jaike Oito Ouji Rape King Aisa Igia Kairo Yoroi

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