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Crew Fight


Pegasus Wings Pirates leaving for battle against the Heatwave Pirates.

  • Pegasus Wings Pirates Vs. Heatwave Pirates: A battle that lasted several days and many nights. This battle was considered to be a war because the two crews involved were both members of the 5 Gods of the New World. This battle has been abysmal destroying an island and several cities. At the end the captains left the battlefield with more respect for each other.
  • Pegasus Wings Pirates, Great Dragon Pirates, Demon Eye Pirates, & Heatwave Pirates vs. Marines: The final fight between the Goshin and Marines. The battle caused the new Marine HQ to fall to rubble and their forces to run wild. Because of the chaos that ensued, Akira appointed Coby, the most just person in the Marines that he knew, as the new Fleet Admiral.

Crew Member Fight

  • Ryuu Tsubasa Vs. Raiken Montizuma: During the struggle between the Pegasus Wings Pirates against the Heatwave Pirates, Ryuu Tsubasa and Raiken Montizuma clashed in a battle against death for knowing who was the strongest. The battle ended with the two leaving the battlefield with the hope to fight again. Each got more respect on the other.


  • Assault on Mariejois: After the attack on the Celestial Summit, the Great Dragon Pirates led the Heatwave, Demon-Eye, and Pegasus Wing pirates on an attack on Mariejois, leading to the destruction of the Tenryuubito and the Great Dragon Pirate's occupation of it.

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