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Pegasus Wing Pirates
Pegasus Wing Pirates
Japanese Name: 天馬羽の倭寇
Romanized Name: tenba hane no wakou
English Name: Pegasus Wing Pirates
Main Ship: Giant Wings MD
First Appearance:
Captain: Ryuu Tsubasa
Total Bounty: at least Bsymbol1025,017,031,000,000

 The Pegasus Wing Pirates is a crew former after Monkey D. Luffy death. The crew travels all over the world finding themselves as one of the 5 Gods of the New World.

After numerous trips through the Grand Line, Calm Belt, North Blue and West Blue, ultimately, the crew was forced to divide each to their own way to become the most powerful crew, once they hit the Sabaody Archipelago. for two years, during the time skip, the team trained intensively to grow stronger and prepare for New World. After reunification, Baster Alex introduced the new and improved crew ship Giant Wings MK2, which is now the current pirate ship. As of now, the team is worth a total of Bsymbol25,017,031,000,000.

Jolly Roger 

The Jolly Roger of the Pegasus Wing Pirates is a pair of superposed pegasus wings that are colored one with and the other is blue.

Annexed Members

Ryuu and his crew stormed the high-security prison Impel Down and recruited the strongest prisoners from level 6 to become divisions commanders and almost all prisoners of level 5 to be part of his crew and later have join the former Whitebeard Pirates Allies forming its 56 divisions each with its commander. After the death of the yonko Big Mom the Pegasus wings Pirates have take the command of the Fishman Island protecting him and as payment for protection they would join up his crew. After that the Pegasusu Wings Pirates Divisions have grew from 1,000 in each division to 100,000 and 150,000 in the main divisions.

Core Members 

Ryuu from the beginning invited people who were outcasts (Karin and Foster) or even arrested (Kain and Inoe) as him. The crew is made by a former master Rokushiki Marine who was sacked for freeing prisoners in the past. A swordsman king of an ancient tribe of human animals who was arrested for being against Navy. A former prisoner of navigator impel down. A former doctor who was known worldwide withdrawn due to his devil fruit. A martial arts master who was arrested for using a style of fighting prohibited. A talented musician who has a devil fruit which made him leave the career musician.

The Pegasus Wings have three Devil Fruit users: Ryuu Tsubasa,Kid.D and Foster Tailer. The crew also has three master Marial artists: Annie Pain (Overpower), Jaike Tolde (Kenpo Raitoningu) and Dex Mainer (Gemu Game). 

Pegasus Wings Pirates
Ryuu 300px-Sasuke Shippuden Jack Hawa Older Jackal Baster Alex Kain Taion
Ryuu Tsubasa Kid.D Jack Hawa Jackal A. Grieve Baster Alex Kain Taion
Dex Mainer Foster Tailer Jaike Tolde Annie Pain Karin Gail
Dex Mainer Foster Tailer Jaike Tolde Annie Pain Karin Gail
Giant Wings Giant Wings MK2
Giant Wings Giant Wings MD
New flag 3 Untitledff
Great Dragon Pirates Heatwave Pirates

Crew Strength 

Even if the crew is relatively small in number, with only 9 people in its ranks, the Pegasus Wing were able to prove themselves as a strong group, capable in its own respect. While each member is powerful in his own profession and are able by themselves, their captain tends to overcome them as a well rounded power. On his own, he managed to overcome sea monsters, entire squadrons of Marines, and even seemingly defeat powerful opponents.

The four most powerful members of the crew are known as the four beasts. Members are Ryuu Tsubasa, Baster Alex, Foster Tailer and Dex Mainer these members are said to be the most dangerous members of Pegasus Wings pirates and have the greatest bounties.

Professions and Capabilities 

Name Profession Capabilities Epithet Bounty

Ryuu Tsubasa

  • Pegasus Wing Ryuu (ペガサスの翼竜 , Pegasasu no yokuryū?)


  • Lightning Pirate Kiddo (ヘッドバンドキッド , Goru Pirate Kiddo?)

Jack Hawa

  • Expert Assassination Skills
  • Expert Sniper Skills
  • Master Musician
  • "Cactus" Jack Hawa (「サボテン」ジャック·ハワ `Saboten' jakku· hawa?)

Jackal A. Grieve

  • The Black Shadow (黒い影 Kuroi Kage?)
  • Devil's Spawn (悪魔の落とし子 Akuma no Otoshi-ko?)

Baster Alex

  • (?)

Kain Taion

  • (?)

Dex Mainer

  • (?)

Foster Tailer

  • (?)

Jaike Tolde

  • (?)

Karin Gail

  • (?)

Annie Pain

  • (?)


  • Giant Wings: Ships from additional divisions who joined after the invasion Impel Down each vessels were composed by Alex Baster before the invasion and were taken there by leading members of the crew as Ryuu and Kid were to choose the strongest prisoners.
  • Giant Wings MD: Wings of Pegasus Capital Ship Pirates. Giant Wings MD (Main Division) is the ship where the commanders of the main divisions sailing ship has 3 times the size of the Giant normal and different from normal wings and can fly this ship.

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