Paul Cotistia Is the former captain of the Perfect Circle Pirates. He is currently imprisoned on Kairoseki Island's the third lowest level the "Trapped Atrium," for his many crimes during his pirating days. He is also the youngest prisoner of the island.

Paul Cotistia
Age 19
Birth name Paul Cotistia
Also known as Orange of Karabela
Birth Date June 9
Weight 154lbs
Height 6'1
Origin Karabela
Gender Male
Occupation(s) Former captain of The Perfect Circle Pirates,pirate
Affiliation The Perfect Circle Pirates
Bounty Bsymbol10 726,000,000
Love Unknown
Devil Fruit Ha Ha no Mi

“Soft touch ,Orange of Karabela”


Paul is a normal height man with a slightly tan complexion and soft blue eyes .He has long messy orange hair that complement his nails. Which paints twice a week. He is dressed very casually and normally wears a white cotton button up long sleeve and soft cotton pajama pants. He is often given grief for looking like he just got out of bead. But he doesn’t mind because he has never been told he looks bad or ugly.

Paul's face has often been said as cute relaxing and gentle, Mimicking his personality. His warm smile and general relaxed appearance has led him to be well liked and admired.


Bright, warm, sensitive and caring Paul is a kind hearted man with a certain joie de vivre. He has compassion for all life and only wishes for happiness amongst his friends. Paul is unusually generous giving large extravagant gifts to his friends and co-workers for little to no reason, He simply claims that he just loves to see people smile a true smile. Paul has a painful past In central Karabela, full of abuse and neglect ,so as an adult he has sworn to never turn his cheek to those who need his help and to love and care for anyone who request it of him. Opening his house food and services to the loveless and abandoned.

Paul is adapt in human psychology and can easily read the mindset of his troubled friends and help them. Even the more clouded pirates. people often come to him in an effort to vent and just talk to a person they know can help. He has shown this use in combat talking down an enraged opponent or befriending an enemy, allowing him to end a fight with little or no fighting, but make no mistake he is feared for his great skill and will use them if necessary.

Powers and Abilities

Paul is a world renowned pirate and a very strong fighter in his own right. Paul has developed several moves using his devil fruit to enhance his own body. He is an accomplished gymnast flipping tumbling out of harms way. He is also noted for his incredible gace and speed, being one of, if not the fastest person in the world

Imbued Ark: Paul can Super enhance his body with sunlight to make himself more flexible agile and powerful. paul puts light on his bones joints and muscles for added power.

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