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The name Paria San literally means Pariah Saint, as they are outcasts within their own domain yet with the blood of both Monk and Plant in their lineage and veins.

At first they and the Alder San were one group. However as two and three hundred years crept by the first dissonance began to seperate them further and further apart from one another until the Alder San grew weary of it and struck first.

In a short and harsh crusade they kidnapped, coerced, and killed anyone that disagreed with their notions. Those who survived(mostly children or young teenagers) were thrown to a fate worse than simple death that night-- they were outcast from Dai Zen to the depths, where they would soon be attacked by the beasts lurking there too savage for the Plants or the old Monks to combat.

With the next cruel two hundred years they struggled to survive and ekk out a bitter living through flooding, constant threat of death by attack, and a severe lack of propper food and clean water.

Eventually a bleak notion gave way to the discovery of their genetic heritage and one by one it began to develop, flowing through quick and at first stiff motions that led into slighter and finally into relaxed postures. In a sense of irony after coming to an agreement over what to name their new fighting style they chose to rename the depths of which they were cast into to Kanwa.


One of the eldest of the teenage Paria San scaled the trench system over the last two great floods with the help of his own Kan Kanwa Style, creating grips with his finger tips and knuckles as needed to draw his body up wide and oft nearly vertical tunnels.

He succeeded where no one before had been able to go and successfully infiltrated
The Tower of Oars. He encountered the first of his greatest challenges due to the plant guarding the very top.

A short and rough battle resulted and in the end he was captured and held. Since no one was supposed to have been able to escape from the depths and they had no idea of the Kan Kanwa Style he was tried as a rogue Alder San of Dai Zen and sentenced to death-- by outside means.

The plant receded enough for him to be drawn out and thrown to the surface. What became of him was not known by the Alder San or anyone else within San Zen Island... until his return.

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