Title Duo Reeve, Orphan, the Singular god
Age unknown
Height 5,5
Weight 112lbs
Weapon Hallowed Faith
Devil Fruit Hari Hari no Mi, model: Crystal
Laterality Left
Home Elisea, land of the peaceful dead
Elemental Color Grey
Primary Role Divines Judgement
Special Ability Salvation
Allies None
Family Unknown
Singular Deity

Orphan the Singular also known as Duo Reeve is a lesser known sky pirate and is the youngest and presumably weakest member of the Reunion Triad. Orphan began his life as a meek and quite young man with no control over his immense strength. Being fed his devil fruit as a baby and shortly after abandoned, Orphan was never taught to control his power and forced himself into isolation deep under the planet. In a manner befitting one of the Triad he is the keeper of the earth, a reference to how he sleeps cradled by the earth. He slept until he learned of the vacancy on Skypeias throne and awoke to claim the land for himself, there by starting the second Reunion.

"A singular Fate, would you not release me?"


  • Orphan’s name is taken from the Christian hierarchy of angles, The Ophanim, who were said to have been angles of divine inspiration and holy judgment.
  • Seraphinum’s real name is taken from the animated series Big O, and based off one of the four primary Big’s, the Big who took for the skies and sought an eternal master. Big Duo.

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