Orange-Haired Pirates
Japanese Name: 橙髪の指導
Romanized Name: Daidaikami no Shidō
English Name: Orange Haired Pirates
Main Ship: Crimson Princess
First Appearance:
Captain: Gol D. Sid
Total Bounty: Bsymbol1061,000,000

The Orange-Haired Pirates are a newly formed pirate crew from South Blue, led by their captain Gol D. Sid. The crew is still very small, having been very recently formed. Despite this the only two members till date both have decent bounties despite being novice rookies. The Orange-Haired Pirates currently consist of three members whose total combined bounties equal Bsymbol1061,000,000.


The Orange-Haired Pirates were formed when Gol D. Sid set out to become a pirate, though at that time he was the only member and so the crew did not have a name. The first member to be recruited as Jim Hawkins, a master swordsman from South Blue who Sid encountered on the second island on which he landed to resupply. The next was William Newgate, a childhood friend of Jim's and a highly skilled navigator.

Crew Members

Orange-Haired Pirates
Sidportrait Hakinsportrait Bill  ??????  ??????
Gol D. Sid Jim Hawkins William Newgate  ??????  ??????

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