Ora Ora no Mi

Ora Ora no Mi

Ora Ora no MI
Manipulate one's aura.
Faize Sen Dragon

The Ora Ora no Mi is a Paramecia Devil fruit that permits the user to generate and control, and project the users aura, able to make it tangible and cause damage. It was eaten by Faize Sen Dragon.


The Ora Ora no Mi takes the form of a large light blue Orange. It has one large swirl covering the entire fruit. This devil fruit is extremely sour.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The main strengths of this fruit is the user is able to project their aura as a light blue flame-like mist. Using this the user can encase their hand in their aura to for a cutting edge, or enhance the density of the users aura to aid in blocking attacks.

The weaknesses attributed with this fruit include the fact that this fruit's maximum range of attack is 1 meter, making the user unable to for projectile attacks. The standard devil fruit weaknesses apply.



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