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Birth name
The Desert's Marksman (砂漠の射手)
Whitebeards Pirates
Sand Seas
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Ogir, kmown also as the Desert's Marksman (砂漠の射手), is a pirate from the New World and ally of Whitebeard. He is a former a member of the Urutan tribes.




Abilities and Power

As an ally of Whitebeard and a pirate from the New World, Ogir is a dreaded and vey powerful fighter. He possess immense amout of speed and reflexes, being able to intercept Vice-Admirals who were using Soru, and has enough phisycal power to send his knives kilometres away. In fact, despite no acting within a crew, is considered as dangerous as an entire one. Just like the other Urutan, he possesses very accurate sense, but foremost an extremely shapr sight.

Marksmanship and skills with blades

Ogir's most seen skill is his masterful usage of knives, that usually hides in his longrobe. His foremost ability is to hurling them to his enemies, which gave him the epithet of "Desert's Marksman". He has a long-term rivalry with Yasopp to gain the status of the best sniper in the world, and the member of the Red Haired Pirates seems to consider him a worthy opponent. However,a s stated above, his style is completely different, because he prefers to use "old-fashioned" weapons, but is nevertheless truly lethal: he was capable to intercept and stop Van Augur from such a great distance that even him, who is a talented siper as well, was very impressed. However, is deadliest weapon is certainly is bow, that he uses to throw so powerful and accurate arrows that once he hit a mark throught an entire city, destroying several buildings during the process. Although he prefers these two types of weapons, Ogir can use virtually any castable object, even items not conceived as weapons (like paper cutter, cards, or coins) with extreme skill. Aside from it's marksman's skills, he is very good at using his knife in closed-range combact, delivering quick and precise strikes.


Ogir has demonstrated to know at least two type of Haki, which he uses both with mastery: Kenbunshoku Haki, with which he usually hits his targets in situation when i cannot see his opponent or to determine the number of opponents better, and Busoshoku Haki that allow him to throw objects which much more power and to hurt even Logia-fruits users.



The imagine is taken from this Final Fantasy Wiki.

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