Nine Tyrants
Japanese Name: Senseikunshu
Romanized Name: nouă Tiranii
English Name: The Nine Tyrants
Main Ship: none
First Appearance: ???
Captain: {{{captain}}}
Total Bounty: Bsymbol10

The Nine Tyrants are the collective name given to the nine rookie pirates who arrived at Saboady Archipelago simultaneously, all looking for access to the New World. They are the viewed successor to the The Worst Generation and the Eleven Supernovas after their disbandment. They all have bounties of over Bsymbol200,000,000 as opposed to Bsymbol100,000,000. They are called, "tyrants," because this is the label the World Government has pegged them with due to their actions that they deem, "tyrannical." They all appear during and after the beginning of the Age of Change.


Like the Worst Generation, they all arrived at Saboady Archipelago at the same time to prepare to enter the New World. However, unlike the aformentioned group, they were not afraid to cause a bit of havoc on the archipelgao even if it meant the involvement of the Marines. However, they tended to steer clear of World Nobles like the Supernovas, as they didn't want their journey to end just when it was about to begin.

Of the nine, all but one of them (Miyazaki Montizuma) are the captains of their respective crews. They are also notably renowed to be stronger than the Eleven Supernovas, as the Age of Change produced substantially more powerful pirates.


Name  Origin  Affiliation Bounty at time of arrival Current Bounty Abilities, Weapons, and Powers Epithet
Raiken Montizuma East Blue
  • Captain of the Heatwave Pirates
  • Goshin
Bsymbol390,000,000 Bsymbol828,000,000
  • Spawn of Satan (サタンのスポーン; Satan no supōn)
Miyazaki Montizuma East Blue

First Mate of the Heatwave Pirates



  • Miyazaki the Destructive (宮崎破壊; Miyazaki hakai)
Kenta La Graza West Blue Captain of the La Graza Pirates Bsymbol325,000,000


  • Dual Katana Wielder
  • Fast Speed
  • Three Types of Haki
  • Speed (スピード狂;Supīdo kyō)
Aiden D. Lazlo South Blue
  • Captain of the Free World Pirates
  • Juushishi
Bsymbol366,000,000 .Bsymbol615,000,000
  • Suru Suru no Mi
  • Title of "World's Smartest Man"
  • Perfection of Intelligence
  • Snake Blade
  • Omni God (オムニゴッドDumnezeu Omni)
Skyla South Blue Captain of the Sky Pirates Bsymbol205,000,000


  • Barei Barei no Mi
  • Black Leg fighting style
  • Dagger
  • Saber
  • Goddess of the Sky (スカイの女神; Sukai no megami)
Pacino Ciabola West Blue

Captain of the Mafia Pirates



  • Ama Ama no Mi
  • Dual Pistols
  • Nodachi
  • Boss (ボス; Bosu)
Corbin Jetson North Blue Captain of the Raven Pirates



  • Zou Zou no Mi, Model: Mammoth
  • Haki
  • Saber
  • Raven Wings (カラスの翼; Karasu no tsubasa)
Lily Kyros Grand Line Captain of the Lily Pirates Bsymbol289,000,000 Bsymbol442,000,000
  • Fumu Fumu no Mi
  • Powerful Swordswoman
  • Santoryu
  • Nine Armed Lily (ナイン武装リリー; Nain busō rirī)
Asami Ketsu West Blue Captain of the Ketsu Pirates Bsymbol275,000,000 Bsymbol523,000,000
  • Powerful bisento user
  • Great endurance and physical strength
  • Haki
  • Golden Staff (黄金のスタッフ; Kogane no sutaffu)


  • Unlike the Supernovas, which can be given to any pirate over Bsymbol100,000,000, the Tyrants are only restricted to these nine.
  • Miyazaki Montizuma is the only Tyrant who is not a Captain of their respective pirate crew.
  • Seven of the eight pirate crews are currently in the New World, with the Raven Pirates being the only exception due to taking a hiatus to revisit their families.

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