Neyo Reeds(ナサニエルリーズ) is a pirate and the second mate of the White Fang Pirates. He is the third in command of the crew and also the third most powerful and famous. He is simply called Neyo, and he is feared as "Neyo the Heavenly Spear"(ネイ天槍 Neyo ten yari) throughout the grand line. He loves his crew and will do anything to help his captain.

Neyo Reeds
Japanese Name
Romanized name
Neyo Reeds
Pirate, Second Mate
"Neyo the Heavenly Spear"(ネイ天槍)
Devil fruit


He is a pretty laid back person, he loves to have fun and party even in the most serious of atmospheres he can crack a joke. Neyo is the type of person who believes life is too short to always be serious. But in battle Neyo can be a rather terrifying opponent, who often says " I cut down my enemies without hesitation or mercy". Neyo's problem in life is how much he loves to drink, alcohol is a "must" for him, so his addiction to it often hinders him from fighting seriously.

Abilities and Powers

Neyo is a very powerful fighter which can be further attested to by the fact that he is the second mate of Drake's crew. Neyo is very fast, his speed is actually a notable trait of his that he uses well to exploit openings in his enemies' defense. Neyo wields a large Halberd and through his speed and great physically can use it gracefully and quickly. This weapon is what gave him his nickname along with his abilites to wield it.


Neyo can use one type of haki. He can utilize Busōshoku Haki (武装色, Color of Armaments) is another form of Haki that allows the user to create a force similar to an invisible armor around themselves. It is unknown if he can use the other type of haki.



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