The Neko Neko no Mi, model: Yali is a zoan-type devil fruit which allows the user to tranfsorm into a yali.

Neko Neko no Mi, model: Yali
Japanese Name: n/a
English Name: Cat Cat fruit, model: Yali
Meaning: Yali
First Appearance: n/a
Type: mythical zoan
Eaten by: n/a


The one who consumes this fruit will gain the ability to transform into a yali or into a yail-hybrid. Furthermore the user will gain enormous boost in strenght.


These are the known forms of the fruit.

  • non-active form: The consumer will gain a nice boost in strength (if the person could lift 100 kilos, that same person is able to lift 400 kilo with ease).
  • Yali-form: In this form the user is fully transformed into a yali and is able to use the animal's full extent of power. While in this form the user looks are remarkeble, the user has nice fur and the head of a lion with the tusks of an elephant, a serpentine tail. The user can now swiftly walk along obstacles and crush most types of metal. The height of the person is that of a South-African lion, the weigth that of an elephant and the consumer is more powerful than an elephant and lion combined. Being able to lift and destroy normal-sized warships.
  • Hybrid-form: This is the most powerful form out of the three. It has the same features as the yali-form but is more humanoid and has larger tusks and tail. In this form the user is easily able the pierce straight things (like humans or granite-rocks). In this form the user weights 340 kilos+ the weigth of the consumer in non-active form.


Due to it's beautiful and very extravagant features the user of this devil fruit is an easy target to find. Another weakness is that the user in yali- or hybrid-form makes alot of noise due to it's weitgth and fur. Though this fruit extremely boosts the consumer's strength, it doesn't affect the defense of the consumer at all (so the user is easily to kill with normal weapons, like plain bullets). These are all weaknesses known till now, beside the standard devil fruit weaknesses.


  • Unlike most mythical zoan-typed devil fruits, which also gives the user the ability to control an element or something else, this devil fruit is plainly giving a strength boost and nothing more.

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