Japanese Name: 鳴子-TEP
Romanized Name: Naruko - TEP
English Name: Naruko-tep
First Appearance: N/A
Affiliations: R'lyeh Pirates
Occupations: Pirate/cook
Epithet: Chaos
Japanese VA:
Age: 16(at death)
Birthday: ??
Height: 5'5"
Bounty: 100,000
Devil Fruit
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|}} Naruko-tep was an egyptian priestes, who has now come back from the dead as a mummy.


like that of a female mummy.


she is almost compleatly emotionless, exept for her love of cooking. she is really good at cooking too. so at least she has something to do in her undeadness.


she has no memory of her life before being revived. after revifacation, she searched the land for meaning to her life. she eventually joined the R'lyeh Pirates.


she is an incredibly skilled cook. thats about it.


  • she is based of one of the spirit allys of team "NILE" from shaman king.

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