Nao-Nao no Mi is a Paramecia type devil fruit.that give user the ability to heal injuries It has been eaten by an Amazon named Emiko.

Identifying the fruit

It looks so much like a regular peach fruit but if one has the ability to notice the difference, they would notice that there will be a red dot somewhere on the pinkish part of the fruit. That is why, whoever has possesion of the fruit, always throws it away or looses it. (since people also call it the Impossible Fruit since it's impossible to find)

Strengths & Weaknesses

This fruit will outmaster any doctor. (Even Chopper's abilities look like nothing compared to the fruit's powers) The user can heal themselves and heal other people too. The fruit will cast a pinkish aura around the user and that will mean something is healing. When healing somebody else, the user generates the fruits powers on their hands and the pinkish aura will appear. Then they will place their hands above the injury and concentrate. If the wound is very bad, it may take awhile, but if it's minor, then it will be gone.

The fruit can also be used for defense in battle. It can only block though.

Somethings, like scars, the fruit cannot heal. Which is basically means that it is impossible to heal.

If the user uses the fruits powers for a long time, they willl passout.


For the uses of this fruit, it can be with direct skin contact, or just within the user.

Iyasu Iyasu Watashi (heal me): Heals Emiko.

KyuaKyua Spell (cure spell): Cures other people.

Kassei-ka sa seru Burokku Spell (rejuvenate block spell): In battle, a pinkish force field is generated and will heal anybody the user wishes (that is within the force field).

Kyūsai-saku 101 (Remedy 101): Makes a very strong healing potion. (It is rumored to have been able to bring back the dead) Good for one use.

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