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Age 18 (Canon)
Birth name Nami
Also known as Thief-Cat
Birth Date July 3rd
Height 169 cm (5' 6½”)
Origin East Coast Blue
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Gender Female
Occupation(s) Navigator, Pirate, Thief, Chief of staff (Arlong Pirates)(former)
Affiliation Straw Hat Pirates, Arlong Pirates(former), New Straw Hat Pirates
Bounty Bsymbol1032,000,000
Love None
Devil Fruit None

Nami is a pirate and the navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates.


Abilities and Powers

Nami is a highly skilled navigator as well as being a talented cartographer. She has the innate ability to sense changes in the weather and can even predict the appearance of the supposedly unpredictable cyclones of the Grand Line even while running a high fever. This attribute proved useful during Nami's one-on-one "fight" with Eneru, where she managed to deflect several of the Goro Goro No Mi user's lightning based attacks using only the clima-tact. She is also an excellent thief and pickpocket who can steal small items such as keys on light encounters without the victim noticing (she is shown stealing even as a little girl).

Compared to her fellow Straw Hats, she is not as skilled in combat as she is not especially strong, nor does she have training in any fighting style. This led her to remain as a supporting member of the crew rather than a main fighter. Though she possesses moderate skill when wielding a Bo staff for self-defense long before she acquired the Clima Tact and its upgrades. Before acquiring the weapon, she typically manipulated one of her crewmates to fight in her place or fled when the situation turned dangerous.


Further information: Clima-Tact

She relied mainly on a standard wooden staff throughout the East Blue saga and leading up to the Arabasta arc. Later, Usopp invents for her a weapon called the "Clima Tact" that allowed her to fight in a major battle for the first time in a nonsupporting role and landed her first major victory against Miss Doublefinger. Though this did not mean she stopped using her old tactics she employed before the Arabasta arc.

Currently, Nami has been given a Dial enhanced Clima-Tact, the "Perfect Clima-Tact", by Usopp. The new weapon was powerful enough to wipe out an entire group of soldiers and she also managed to defeat CP9's Kalifa, securing her place as one of the crew's most valuable members.

Other Techniques

Though infrequent, Nami has a couple of other moves that she can use to incapacitate (in more ways than one) her opponents.

  • Shiawase Punch (幸せパンチ(しあわせ), Happiness Punch): A "technique" that Nami uses to dispatch Peeping Toms while she bathes; she simply drops her towel, causing any male in the vicinity to collapse from a massive nosebleed. She also uses this as a get-rich-quick scheme, as she charges 100,000 Belly to anyone who sees her doing this.
  • Impact (衝撃貝 (インパクト)): Nami uses an Impact Dial to absorb attacks and then send them back at her opponents. This was the move she used to dispatch Hotori

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