Other Names
The Wanderer, Kurai Shonin, Demon eye, Jaasau.
Survivor of the Void Century
Devil fruit
Sculpter Scuplter fruit


He was born on Quetzalcoatl Island on a rainy night. His father was a Merchant and his Mother was a poor woman from this island. He was born with a demon eye. The eye itself was pitch black and only the center was dark purple, it looked into the soules of people and intimidated them. That is why his parents made him wear an eyepatch, which he is wearing until today (he takes it off in dire situations). His childhood was lonely because of his abnormalities, but his parents loved him very much.

One day, when he was 7 years old, a wounded wanderer appeared lying on the beach. Jaasau took him to his home and treated him. When his mother came back she was shocked. This man was a Celestial Dragon. She grabed Jaasau and ran for her life (because Jaasau touched him with his hands and removed his helmet). She knew that the Celestial Dragon would be angry because of that, she hid him and told him to stay there. When she came home the Celestial Dragon already woke up, and seeing a poor woman shot her (just because he wanted to), when Jaasau heared the shot of a pistol he rushed to his house and found his mother laying on the floor, bleeding to death... He began to cry, and then seeing the man with pistol, he was full of rage and anger. He took of his eyepatch and started intimidating the Celestial Dragon. The Celestial Dragon was suddenly very afraid of him and tryed shooting him, but the eye melted the bullet in mid-air. He jumped on the man and burned his soul right through.

aloooot more coming soon....

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