Miru Miru no Mi
Japanese Name
Romanized Name
Miru Miru no Mi
English Name
Mirror Mirror Fruit
Iset Corona

The Miru Miru no Mi, is a Paramecia type Devil Fruit that gives the user the power to turn their body into mirrors.  It was eaten by the leader of Silver Sun, Iset Corona.


The Miru Miru no Mi appears as a bunch of grapes, with a very reflective appearance, enough that one can see their reflection in it.  It is silverly in color, and gray on the inside.  Its said to taste like one's eating old metal.

Strengths and Weaknesses


Eating this Devil Fruit gives the uer the power to turn their body into mirrors.  In doing this, the user can reflect an enemy's attack back against their enemies.  When they attempt to attack the user, the user reflects the enemy's image, and when the enemy attacks, the damage is dealt to them instead.  Additionally, anything that happens to the reflection of the person, such as the reflection being poked, happens to the enemy.  The user can also project "reflections" of themselves, which they can use to distract the enemy.


One weakness of this fruit, is that the user can only reflect physical attacks.  Attacks with bases in energy, like electricity or fire, cannot be reflected.  Addtionally, in order for the reflection properly work, the attacker must be fully reflected.  It is also affected by the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.


Corona uses this power to protect herself, as any attacks used against her will be reflected, and get dealt to the attacker.  She uses this as a defense, as well as an offence, preventing herself from being injured, while inflicting injuries upon her enemy.  

  • Mirror Mirror: Corona activtes her power, and lets her opponet attack her.  Once they do, the damage is dealt to them instead.
  • Mirror Clone: Projecting reflections of herself, Corona creates illusion clones, making it difficult to pinpoint her, and giving her time to escape.
  • Mirror Impulse: While her opponent is reflected in her body, Corona takes an item, such as a knife, and stabs at the reflection.  The opponent is then injured by that attack.

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