Michi Michi no Mi
Japanese Name: Michi Michi no Mi
English Name: Tar Tar Fruit
Meaning: Road, Pitch, Tar
First Appearance: {{{first}}}
Type: Logia
Eaten by: Bart Vincent

The Michi Michi no Mi is a Logia type Devil Fruit that was eaten by "Black" Bart Vincent. It allows the user to become and control tar.


This Devil Fruit was eaten by a Maeridrosian bounty hunter named Bart vincent aka "Black Bart". his histroy with this fruit is sketchy as he was raised on Maeridross by the "black Serpent". He was raised to be a Bounty Hunter in case people ever illegaly left Krosia. he is one of the few humans capable of living on Maeridross.


As a Logia Fruit the user can negate damage from unwanted physical contact. The user can become and control the liquid Tar. The substance they genratte is sticky are heavy and so is a very effective weapon for slowing down the enemy.

Tar Stream: a basic attack of the Michi Michi no Mi. It projects a stream of heavy tar at the foe.

Tar Pit: An intermediate technique, swamps the battlefield with a thick layer of tar smothering what it buries and bogging down what it doesn't.

Tar Golem: An X-Limit technique that turns the user into a living mass of Tar. The users abilites are multiplied by 50 to 100 in this stae, but it only lasts so long.

Pros and Cons

The abilities of this Devil fruit allow it to slow down enemies with it's heavy and sticky tar, but unfortunately due to Tar low viscosity it makes the user slow as well. In addition to the basic weaknesses of Water and Haki the user of this Devil Fruit is severely weak against Ice and Fire attacks as Ice can permanently solidify the users body and fire can cause severe damage to the flammable tar. Otherwise this fruit can be rather resilient to most attacks.

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