Mercenaries, are people who work for money, and can be hired by anyone, including pirates.  While they were much more common at one point, they are now less common.


Generally neutral in the grand scheme of things, true mercenaries don't ally themselves with any particular organization.  Their only loyalty is to money, and they will fight for whoever pays them best.   Being a mercenary is difficult, and no takes extreme skill, enough for the World Government to acknowledge it, and to gain use.

Mercenaries are generally regarded as being immoral and greedy, only concerned with themselves, and not much else.  They mostly work alone, not forming alliances with anyone, including other mercenaries.  Some carry symbols, but others don't.


Prior to the foundation of the World Government, and the Age of the Pirates, mercenaries were far more widespread.  Due to the conflicting kigndoms, mercenaries would be hired to condcut assassinations, lead raids, or fight in armies. The occupation prospered at this point, and mercenaries could carve out great reputations for themselves

However, with the creation of the World Government, mercenaires began to lose customers, and started to fade from the world.  They faded even more with the rise of piracy, where much more distinct "us and them" lines were drawn.  Mercanries could no longer afford neutrality, and were placed in positions of having to choose a side.

Currently, mercenaries are few and far between, and the occupation is not an easy one to have.  The few mercenaries that are still around are infamous throughout both the pirate community, and the World Government.

Known Mercenaries

  • Morgan Sernus: The "Flag-Less One", and the user of the Shindo Shindo no Mi, and a Haki Repulsor.  Regarded as one of the world's greater mercenaries.
  • Argus Krel: The "Infinite Man", he is the user of the Nibai Nibai no MI, allowing him to create doubles of himself, and of objects he's holding.  This gives him the ability to use Infinite Sword Style.
  • Zia: The "Lady of the Water",  she is a humbolt squid mermaid.  She is known for her ability to change colour, making tracking her difficult.
  • Orion Baron: The "Blood Letter", Baron is a legendary swordsman and tracker.  He wields a special dagger that can trace an enemy by their blood.
  • Arianna Kyli: The "Snake Charmer", Kyli utilizes a staff that "ate" the Hebi Hebi no Mi, Model: Tree Viper.

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