Meiun Meiun no Mi (Doom Doom fruit) is a paramecia devil fruit that gives the user the power of reconstruction and deconstruction. It was eaten by Crimson D. Soul.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The Meiun Meiun no Mi's greatest strength is its ability to mend and destroy anything Soul touches but if someone grabs him and he doesn't garb them he cannot destroy them meaning that he can't destroy anything if it wasn't him who touched it similar to blackbeards Yami Yami no Mi. Another strength is that he can reconstruct anything he touches and even heal wounds but if the person has already died there is nothing he can do. The weakness of this is destroying something using this cannot be brought back and reconstruction with it requirs great skill. Aside from this it suffers from standard devil fruit weaknesses

Known Attacks

Break Fist: Soul destroy whatever he punches.

Break Kick: Soul destroys whatever he kicks.

Doom Barrage: Soul makes a multitude of punhes breaking anything they touch.

Return: Soul reconstructs the target by being in contact.

Phase: This attack requirs extreme focus Soul can deconstruct himself to phase through anything but can only stay this way for 3 seconds.

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