Maon is a master swordsman from the East Blue.

Appearance and Personality

Maon greatly resembles a typical ronin, both in appearance and personality.

Powers and Abilities

He taught himself the Utsuro sword style, thus becoming able to cut air. Also, he is able to cut through a person's body without injuring it.


In the past, he tried to defeat Dracule Mihawk, but was defeated after two strikes. He then tried to become a Marine, but was excluded from the Marine for being too impatient. After travelling some eight years, he started to understand the meaning of true swordsmanship. He then retired to a cave and meditated for another twelve years. One day, a young pirate called Portgas D Ace entered the cave for accident, thus awakening Maon. Maddened by the sudden encounter, Maon tried to kill the boy, but was defeated. After two years, he encountered Ace's brother Monkey D Luffy, and tried to kill him out of revenge. Luffy also was able to knock him out. Maon thren became a member of a mercenary force, always grieving for revenge.

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