Mana Mana no mi (life life fruit) allows the user to turn life force into energy which can be turned into powerful beams. This also takes minutes of the lives of plants animals and humans. A drawback is the technique hurts friends and foes. These beams can take a long time to charge up depending on how powerful it is. They can be released from eyes and palms. A drawback is the process makes the user age rapidly according to how much energy he takes.

The fruit was eaten by Raysun of the Dax raider pirates.

Aether (MrPlasmacosmos's charachter), the previous user , died sacrificing her life to take the demonic being Ragnarok with her as it was in an energy state which she absorbed. However the fruit is very powerful as it draws energy from every living thing around you and can produce more than just beams. Which Raysun hasn't yet realised, and in all likelyhood will never fully understand.

There are only 3 techniques used.

Normal beam. A powerful piercing or explosive beam. 10 secs to charge

Life Assault. 20 - 50 explosive beams. 2 - 3 mins to charge.

Spirit Devastation. A massive explosive beam. 5 mins to charge.

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