The Maelstrom Pirates are an infamous Pirate Crew that travel the seas, primarily the New World. The Maelstrom Pirates' biggest claim fame is their captain Maelstrom Jackson and his feared Mizu Mizu no Mi powers. While Jackson is the most well-known, his crew is also made up of powerful and feared pirates, each carrying an individual claim to fame or infamy.


Crew Strength

A sign of the strength of the Maelstrom Pirates is that they operate with ease in the New World, regularly coming and going through all the dangers it entails with no real trouble or injury. Beyond that, each member is a powerful warrior with a specific claim to fame or infamy among their known fields, the lowest bounty among them being a high 90,000,000. Even more, though Jackson is the strongest among them, each member is capable of easily dispatching pirates with bounties of equal value without so much as a scratch, indicating even greater strength than that their bounties suggest.

Crew Members

  • Sniper: "Bucking Mare" Norah
    • Powers: Modified dual pistols, high physical capabilities, exceptional eyesight
    • Bounty: 190,000,000

  • Shipwright: "Mad Bull" Ryan
    • Powers: "Iron Body" martial arts, high physical strength, staff with hammerhead on end
    • Bounty: 90,000,000

  • Swords-woman: "Warrior Goddess" Kristine
    • Powers: Nitoryu master, high physical abilities, master tracker and hunter
    • Bounty: 205,000,000

  • Helmsman: "Bull Mammoth" Goro
    • Powers: Half-giant strength and endurance, martial arts master
    • Bounty: 230,000,000

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