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Madan Madan no Mi
Madan Madan no Mi
Japanese Name: Madan Madan no Mi
English Name: Ammo Ammo Fruit
Meaning: Magic Bullet
First Appearance: N/A
Type: Paramecia
Eaten by: Eric D. Fletching


The Madan Madan no Mi is a Paramecia-type devil fruit that grants the user the ability to produce an unlimited amount of ammunition, making them a Ammo Person. Madan can be translated to "magic bullet" however the devil fruit encompasses any and all kinds of ammunition, including arrows. The fruit was eaten by Eric D. Fletching.

Strength and Weaknesses

The strengths of the Madan Madan no Mi are fairly obvious. Users can produce an endless amount of ammunition for weapons. The ammution can also be infused with special properties "absorbed" from another ammunition. For example a bullet could have the explosive power of a cannon ball. These properties can only be infused after the user as "scanned" the ammunition before hand.

Scanning is an ability granted by the Madan Madan no Mi. Simply put the user can trace their hands over any kind of ammunition and absorb it's special qualities such as explosive power and density. The user can then recall these properties and infuse them into any ammo produced by the fruits power. Eric uses this ability in combination with his archery skills to use seemingly harmless arrows to devastating effect against enemy ships.

A weakness to users of the Madan Madan no Mi are that the special properties of the ammunition produced only take effect upon contact with their intended target. For example if an arrow was charged with cannon ball explosiveness but the target was missed it would act only as a simple arrow. Thus users had to have incredible marksmanship skills to effectively apply the fruits powers. However this can also be considered a strength as this limitation prevents the user from accidentally causing unnecessary destruction that could result in injury to others or prove a hindrance to the self.

Also, the user is reliant upon the weapon they are using for the devil fruit to use useful. If weapons such as a bow or gun are damaged, the fruit's powers become practically useless as there is no longer a means to use the ammunition. 

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