"Even though you can break through my armor, even though you can break through my skin, but you can never break through my soul!!" -Lord Duneburg confronting the Traitor. 

Lord Duneburg, formerly named Berkley Gerald Duneburg, is a knight and member of the Marine Lords since its founding. He has outstanding physique and strength, dubbing him "the man of ten hurricanes". 


His age is hard to determine but he has a brown moustache and beard, with a fair complexion. His hair is short and soft. He mainly wears centuries old armor that is modified to withstand many blows and strikes. He posses a gauntlet, torso, and leggings that are usually destroyed due to the excessive force applied on it. He changes armor time to time, but will sometimes go topless should his armor break. He even has a tattoo that marks the royal family on his right chest. 


The Void Century

His origins are unknown, but accordingly came from an ancient kingdom where an ancient martial arts originated from the tattoo that Duneburg had imprinted. He remembers nothing of his early life, except for the fact that he recalls "the inferno". He had a ten year period in which he doesn't mention a lot about, except for the fact that he met three other men named Perseus, Talyllyn, and Arlesdale. They founded a little troupe known as The Wanderers. They eventually reached the Kingdom of Auricias and were met by King Bellomont. He welcomed them as honored guests and allowed them to stay in his royal palace. 

A few months later, Bellomont was informed on the planned attack of the [Kingdom] and was eager to join. He called upon the four men to join in the fight against the kingdom, for which they succeeded.

The Marines 

Eventually the Ancient Alliance formed the World Government, all in part by King Bellomont. They etsablished the Marines and the headquarters of Marejois. Eventually, the Kingdom of Auricias had to be eliminated in order to start anew. Bellomont refused to take part of the "crime". It's unknown whether the kingdom was destroyed or abandoned. However, Bellomont talked to the other four in the creation of a alliance between each other. Thus the Marine Lords was established and Duneburg added 'lord' into his title. 

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