The Lem Gauntlet is one of many projects thought up by the late Kinzoku Jull, and later completed by his nephew several years later.

Lem Gauntlet
Designed by
Kinjoku Jull, Kenta Senmaru
Seed Orbs manipulation, enforced blunt-trauma resilience, fifteen times human strength enhancement
Made from


The original purpose of the Lem Gauntlet was to house Seed Orbs in order to fully understand how they are able to utilize the elemental powers of the Great Seakame. The prototype was only able to store the energy of a Seed Orb for roughly nine hours before needing to recharge 1.8 Gigawatts of power to keep on operating.

The new design modifications created by Kenta Senmaru have updated that to one week, due in part to the suit he created to link up with it in order to store a lesser 1.2 Gigawatts of needed power in reserve slots, or actively charge up with a thunder Seed Orb over roughly eight days for full capicity.


Older Lem Gauntlets could only draw on 93.8% of the strength of a Seed Orb before running out of power.

The modern Lem Gauntlet design is able to draw out 210% of a Seed Orbs strength before running out of power, and it retains that energy level for up to three hours afterward. Due to the materials it is made from it can resist physical damage exceptionally well without cracking, and as a byproduct return high magnitudes of physical damage in return.

When paired with one of the Seed Orbs elemental reproduction can be induced in a number of basic forms.


Coming soon.


Coming soon.

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