Japanese Name:
Romanized Name:
English Name: Lazarus
First Appearance:
Affiliations: Amber Eyed Pirates
Occupations: Captain, Pirate
Epithet: Amber Eyes
Japanese VA:
Age: 20
Birthday: March 17th
Height: 6' 2"
Bounty: 55,000,000 Beli
Devil Fruit
Japanese Name: Thunderbird Thunderbird no Mi
English Name: Thunderbird Thunderbird Fruit
Meaning: Thunderbird
Type: Mythological Zoan

Captain of the Amber Eyed Pirates


Standing at 6'2" he is intimidating considering his height, size and overall aura. His red shaggy hair falls unkempt around him, sometimes over the top of his amber eyes. He always wears black boots, pants and shirt underneath his red duster.


Lazarus is cold and ruthless in all aspects of his life. While cunning and intelligent he prefers a direct approach to a situation and will not hesitate to begin killing to get what he wants. He is not above torturing people, even innocents, to get what he wants and if someone crosses him he will not spare their lives for any reason.



Lazarus cares little for his crew, seeing them only as tools to get what he wants despite their attempts to befriend them.


Lazarus keeps allies around to use until he deems them unworthy.


Lazarus makes many enemies in his travels. He is especially on the Marines' bad side for some unknown reason.


None of Lazarus's family has been shown.

Abilities and Powers

Lazarus is a highly skilled swordsman and hand to hand combatant, taking down an entire crew of pirates with his sword and beating four Marines with pistols pressed against his skull with a knife.


Lazarus has two unique blades; one is a massive blade capable of impaling a rhino in his words while one looks like a normal katana but has twin blades coming from the handle.


Not much is known about Lazarus's past, only that he seeks the Archangel Swords for some unknown reason. His First Mate Ruby claims to have known him as a child but he continuously denies this and treats her like any other crew member.

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