Kyomu Kyomu no Mi
Japanese Name: Kyomu Kyomu no Mi
English Name: Blackless Blackless Fruit
First Appearance:  ????
Type: Paramecia
Eaten by:

The Kyomu Kyomu no Mi is a Paramecia type Devil Fruit that allows the user to control the blackness and dimensional limits, allowing his user to create portals to another dimensions from his body.


The weakness of this fruit is the water, the user of this fruit can't swim and light,because when the light projector into nothingness like projection in the dark, enemies can break the nothingness.


  • Absorption:The owner of this fruit can absorb any attack and use Stolen Usage. This can't be used with haki attacks.
    • Stolen Usage:The Fruit's owner can use one enemy's power every attack is absorbed.
  • Disable:By touching the enemy's head for 5 seconds, the user of this fruit can temporally disable an enemy's devil fruit
Teleporting Attack
Teleporting Attacks:The fruit's owner can teleport his attacks.
  • '"Magic Orb:"'Creates a big black ball and shoot the enemies,the enemies can be captured by the ball.
  • "'Reclusive nihilistic:"'Create a black fog and hidden inside, which can move in a silent and sudden enemy attack.
  • "'Canes nothingness:"'Create a stick made of black nothingness, can teleport to attack from a distance.
    **"'Trans-air:"'sticks to hit through the space like way "Teleporting Attack".

Blackness Powers

  • Black Regeneration: The fruit's owner can use the blackness to increase the wound time speed to regenerate faster.
  • Black Stop: The fruit's owner can use the blackness to stop the wound time speed to prevent bleeding from serious wounds


  • "'Monster nothingness:"'Encapsulating nowhere around and become a monster of nowhere, in this shape being who attack it must attack new place solves this shape, but otherwise the system would like logia.
    **"'Black Heart:"'Creates a black heart by black smog in nothingless.
    **"'Electrical black shock:"'Make a heart activated.
    **"'Life:"'Communication from the heart for life monster nothingness
    **"'Awaken:"'Awake a monster nothingness"'
  • "'Black Nothingness Devil:"'A perfect monster.


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