Kyla Current


Japanese Name: ヘルシングネロ
Romanized Name: Kyla
English Name: Kyla
First Appearance:  ????
Affiliations: Sky Demon Pirates (current)
Occupations: Navigator (current)
Epithet: Shrinking Violet (サイバーアームドド') ({{{2}}}Shrinking Violet (サイバーアームドド')?)
Japanese VA:
Age: 16(Pre-Timeskip) 18(Post-Timeskip)
Birthday: September 23rd
Height: 5,4
Bounty: Bsymbol10100,000,000

"I just wanna travel the world, c-can I please come and join you as your navigator?" -Kyla asking Nero can she join his crew.

Kyla is a pirate and navigator of the Wolf Fang Pirates. She is the daughter of a family that is very skilled in navigation, and was forced to be a navigator for giants until she was saved by Hellsing D. Nero.


Kyla is a short girl only about 5ft ' 2in, with Dark Chocoalte brown hair, Hazel brown eyes, and slightly tanned skin.

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