"You are a stupid fool for challenging me!"

- Kuro Boushi

Kuro Boushi

Black Robe

Black Hat
Shadow Sun Pirates


580,000,000 beli

Kuro Boushi, also known as Black Hat, is a former revolutionary, captain of the Shadow Sun Pirates, and member of the Shahanshah. 



His early life was mainly the life with the revolutionaries. He was orphaned and trained to fight at an early age when the army was founded by Dragon. He was usually taunted by him in order for Kuro to become tough. He was considered a powerful revolutionary and a great inspiration. 

He eventually grew up and was still a strong member of the army. However, he eventually betrayed the army and attempted to take Dragon's life, but failed. He then escaped the stronghold and retreated into the sea, never to be seen again.


He became an enemy of the army and wanted to gain a reputation. He therefore started to train his own martial arts style to become powerful enough to become an infamous pirate. He raised a crew of dissidents and traitors and created the Shadow Sun Pirates. They started their infamy by raiding a convoy. He initially killed the Vice Admiral, who was the father of Sang Yu. His bounty raised to 130,000,000 due to the fact that the treasure is rare. 


He was eventually labled a King of Kings along with a few other pirates. They were considered more powerful than the Yonko and extremely dangerous. 


He has bushy eyebrows with a rough dirty face. He weighs 176 lbs and is up to 5'9" tall. He wears a black robe that reaches his legs with a red sash that covers his neck nad upper torso. On his head is a black coned hat that straightens out at the tip and on his hand is a pair of black gauntlets with a leather covering. 

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