The kuomori kuomori no mi(bat bat) fruit allows the user to become a full bat or a bat hybrid. It was eaten by Yonton. It is also a carnivourus Zoan type fruit

Strengths and Weaknesses

The major advantage of this fruit as demonstrated by Oat is that it allows the user to shapeshift into a bat hybrid or a full bat. These transformations give the user the acute senses of a bat, wings of a bat to fly and also the ability to generate super sonic waves at either a level where only the user can hear them to find things or at a superhuman level which hurts those it is aimed at(especially zoan type users) and breaks glass and gems. This fruit is also carnivourus so the user can use the bat's feral instincts to his advantage.

The fruit's weaknesses are that the users high level hearing can be used against them by making a lot of noise(this can also make the user susceptible to giving in to his animal instincts). The user's sonic waves can be stopped by blocking them or if they miss give them nothing to bounce off.


This is the list of the named attacks of this fruit/

Bat Take Down- Yonton shifts to his full bat or hybrid form and launches himself at the enemy while spinning. when he hit an opponent he takes them with him and then stops spinning and tosses them by tackling with his wing.

Bat Crash- Yonton flys low and knocks his opponent of his feet and then does a half spin back in midair and jabs the opponent with claws from both hands, sending him crashing through the ground.

Bat Sonic- Yonton emits an extremly high pitched sonic wave to hurt an opponent. This attack broke windows and was said by Oat to be able to break gems. It works better on Zoan type users as they have enhanced hearing. This attack can be stopped by dodging it and giving the sonic waves nothing to bounce off.

Bat Sensor- Yonton emits a sonic wave which bounces off objects and returns to him, allowing him to sense all his enviroment.

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