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Koshiro D. Kizukurai (born Portgas D. Arashi) is the son of Portgas D. Ace, who impregnated *****, Arashi's late mother, before his death in the Marineford War 18 years ago. He grew up hated and feared because of his name until someone reported him to he Marines. Fleet Admiral Akainu personally came to exterminate Arashi, but he escaped the burning ruins of his village, his mother dying to save his life. He took with him the prize possesion of both his mother and his village: one of the 21 great swords, *****.

Arashi escaped and changed his name to Koshiro D. Kizukurai, erasing his dark past with a dark name.

Kizukurai ate the Chishio Chishio No Mi, a Paramecia type fruit allowing him to produce, control, and manipulate blood.

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