Japanese Name:
Romanized Name:
English Name: Kore
First Appearance:
Affiliations: Chasm Pirates, Revolutionaries
Occupations: Sniper, Cannon Specialist
Epithet: Boomstick
Japanese VA:
Age: Unknown
Bounty: 10,000 Beli


Kore is a young boy about 5 feet tall. He waers thick clothing to absorb the impact of his cannon. He has brown hair, red eyes, and one slightly pointed ear.


Kore is rather naive for his apparent age. He doesn't understand sarcasm or many sayings and tends to take them literally. This is probably due to his chronic amnesia. He is a good friend and very trusting of those he considers his friends. He also talks to his weapon and considers it a friend.


Kore is an accomplished sniper. This is quite a feat considering that his weapon of choice is a hand cannon, which he calls Humbaba. He is capable of taking down small objects subtly by using specially dampened cannonballs that don't explode as large.

Iridescent Calm

Kore, like Marcoh, has the power of Iridescent Calm. This puzzles Marcoh because only people in his family are supposed to have it. Kore has an even harder time controlling it than Marcoh.



  • Anders D. Marcoh (not verified)


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