Kiri Kiri no Mi
Japanese Name: 果物
English Name: Mist Mist Fruit
Meaning: Mist
First Appearance: Northwind Rocks arc
Type: Logia
Eaten by: Suien Uma

The Kiri Kiri no Mi, is a Logia-type Devil Fruit that allows the eater to become and control mist. Kiri is the Japanese Romaji for mist or fog. It was eaten by Suien Uma.


The Kiri Kiri no Mi looks like a large, purple strawberry with drak green leaves.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The main strength of the Kiri Kiri no Mi is that the eater can allow most physical attacks to pass through their body harmlessly. The fruit also allows the eater to fly in their mist form. An unusual part of the Kiri Kiri no Mi's power is that, due to the close relationship of mist and fog to water, the eater becomes able to create more mist and manipulate it better than when they are on dry land. However, the standard Devil Fruit weakness to water still applies to the Kiri Kiri no Mi, and the user cannot enter water safely, merely float on top of it. Also, the eater can generate winds with their mist that are strong enough to propel large boats through the water. Even though mist is naturally an intangible element, Suien can still grasp and move objects in his mist form.


The Kiri Kiri no Mi is useful for quick inland travel, and Suien has created a technique where he places a large area under a mist, then can appear from anywhere the mist reaches. It is also handy for spying on others or or escaping from a tight situation. The eater is also able to mix the water dropletts in their mist with other liquids, as shown in Suien's Poison Sky attack.


Suien has developed a number of attacks than rely on his Devil Fruit powers to cover a large area and cause harm to many people at once.

Mistfall: He turns into his mist form and covers the entrie surrounding area in a cloud of mist.

Ocean Veil: Suien dissolves into the fog, then materializes behind his foe and lands a poweful strike to the back

Poison Sky: Suien floas high into the sky, while he drinks deeply from a small glass containing a powerful poison. He then transforms his ams into mist and emits the poison into the clouds. He then sends the poisoned mist to cover a large area below, poisoning everything alive.

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