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The late Kinzoku Jull was considered to be a genius in engineering second only to Dr. Vegapunk, and much like the latter scientist Kinzoku also worked for the Marines during his lifetime.


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Strengths and acchievements

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Born on the Island of Kuru-shaki roughly forty to forty-three years ago, Kinzoku Jull was in many ways similar to his nephew Kenta Senmaru. The intrigue of machinery of the time and slightly higher than average IQ from an early age saw him cobbling together little schematics through out his youth, gradually growing more complex and reimagining anything he thought could use upgrades from the older ways.

Long years later and he signed up for the Marine Expiditory Force seeking to explore and chart out areas of the Kinnoku-li Sea never before mapped. Between modifying the technology shipped in once in a blue moon and expanding on his own theories, Kinzoku successfully brokered a peace-treaty with the prime residents surrounding the island settlement they came to a stop at after a year at sea.

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