The Kinzo Kinzo no Mi (Kinzo=Metal) belongs to the Paramecia type Devil Fruits. Much like the Doru Doru no Mi the user of the Metal Fruit can seclude massive amounts of metal.


The whole fruit is covered with a metal gleam and could be mistaken for a normal apple if it wasn’t for the abnormal silver colour and the odd swirls.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Lucy can sculpture every object with her Devil Fruit. Her favourite weapons are guns and canons and she uses her Devil Fruit to create them in different size and function. Usually she even alloys her whole body or parts of it to avoid damage caused by sword or fists and attaches weapons directly to her limps. Another of her attacks covers the whole flour in sharp metal stalagmites. Yet the metal can hardly withstand high temperature or extreme changes of temperature and is affected by common Devil Fruit weaknesses.

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