Kid is a person who  has a carefree nature, he is always seen laughing or playing around with his childish attitude, also Kid is a little slow this is why some people call him "ignorant" as he thinks slower than others but he is very smart having genuine intellect in battle. Also he is seen bored forgetting the bad people's name and his sleeps when they talk while battling telling them what their gonna do. He just sleeps. Although when someone hurts his friends he is seen mad and serious turning into a cold person. He has a high bounty being a really strong person.  Kid loves his bounty and is willing to get it even higher this is why he does outstanding different things like destroying marine bases. Also Kid has a high will as when they hurt his friends he is willing to do anything for them even risking his own life in the intent. He's a headstrong person that won't stop until he achives his goals.

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