Kaori West

Kaori West

Kaori West is the Firstmate to Diana Caldur, and is one of the founding memebers of the Golden Apple Pirates 2. She is Diana's bestfriend and currently blind.


Kaori is a slim woman, normally wearing a red dress and is often adorned with weapons. She has choppy black hair and dull, clear eyes.She has ruby red lips and has freckles, which no one bothered to tell her .


If Diana is a mouse, Kaori is a lion. She is wreckless and rude, and loves to joke around a laugh. She is very loud-mouthed and blunt, and is not afraid to speak her mind replying with , "Hey, you'd hit a blind girl?"

She exploits her blindness fully.

Ablitlies and Powers

Kaori is a skilled weapons expert, and knows 13 different ways to kill a person with a safety pin. She has no devil fruit, though her amazing aim and skill is often comapred to a devil fruit's power. Her weapons list is long, and she was known as Flamebird Kaori, her weapon of choice were flame shuko.


Trained from the age of 2 to be a weapons expert, she never had a normal childhood, and soon joined the Flame Pirates. On an Island, she ran into Diana Caldur, whom she befriened almost at once. A curse of the island caused anyone who saw the purple moon on the island, would go insane. She didn't look up and Diana was wearing sunglasses. The Flame Crew gouged out her eyes in their insanity, and killed one another. Diana found Kaori and did her best to fix her eyes, but it was too late, Kaori was blind. They soon formed the Moon Pirates, who shunned Diana because of her choice not to raid any towns or steal. Instead of let Diana go alone, Kaori followed Diana. They became bestfriends and soon met Madge Griffin, a famous pirate who told them about the Golden Apple Pirates and gave them her permission to start the Golden Apple Pirates 2, which they are still on to this day.

Major Battles

Kaori vs. Flame Pirates

Kaori and Diana vs. World Goverment

Kaori vs. Jar of Pickles


  • Even with her immense skill, she can't open Jar of Pickles , and considers it her demise
  • She grew up on an isalnd with culture similar to china
  • She has a sister named Kimiko, who is married.
  • She hates her sister.
  • She is good friends with Kai, the informant of the crew

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