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Kanwa is the home of the outcast Paria San. It dwells at the deepest pits discovered by the original Monk's five hundred years earlier and that were likewise abandoned for the slumbering beasts laying in wait.

Kanwa is, simply, a prison-village sprawling far and wide. It is the point where the trench system created several generations prior dumps sea water by the tonnes to keep the very tip of The Tower of Oars above the ocean currents, resulting in mass flooding and more than one death on occasion.

In order to counteract this threat the Paria San began digging upward in a spiral pattern to create safe-houses. They have no warning for when another flooding will occur save the horrible rumble and hiss only a minute before arrival reaches them.

Lumbering and not-so-lumbering sea-snakes and centipedes slither and crawl along at every turn and if it were not for such creatures drilling constant tunnels over the ages than Kanwa would have long ago been left underwater.

In order to survive the Paria San began training here and developed a unique fighting form utilizing their plant-heritage, for which they named their location in irony.

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