Kami no Gokago Metsubushi is the signature weapon of the bounty hunter Miss Catherina.


This weapon appears to be a wooden crucifix attached to a series of long green beads, fitting with her nun disguise. She commonly wears it around her neck to further play the part.


Miss Catherina has sown numerous uses for this unique weapon, the main use is to use her disguise to lure the enemy near her and her crucifix releases a green gas which knocks them unconcious for an undetermined amount of time. The bottom piece of the wood can be taken off revealing a dagger, similar to the one Dracule Mihawk carries, she an also spin it and fire it like a flail and the damage is doubed when unsheathed. The beads are also explosive.


  • Last Shadow: She uses extreme agility to catch up to an enemy and pull out the blade, then she begins to rapidly slash the foe, the name is given because if this attack hits meaning the shadow of Miss Catherina is the last thing they will see.
  • Spinning Testament: She unsheathes her crucifix's hidden dagger and spins it with the beads and then fires it at the foe like a flail.
  • Deathly Rosary: She seperates all of her beads over the field and around the enemy and the glow purple, then explode, this technique cause maximum damage.


  • The Deathly Rosary attack is based on Senna from bleach.
God's Blinding Protection
Miss Catharine
Kanji: 神のご加護目潰し
Romanji: Kami no Gokagu Metsubushi
Range: Close, Mid
First Appearance: {{{first}}}
User: Miss Catherina

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